Immerse Yourself in Culture

England and France are gorgeous countries filled with more culture and history than imaginable. If you’re wanting a high end relaxing vacation filled with sightseeing, museums, food, and history galore, then England and France are your go-to places. Sure, laying on a beach all day is refreshing and sometimes much needed, but so is traveling to parts of the worlds you never thought you would see.

That trip you were about to book to Jamaica or Cancun, change it up, go to Paris. Sit in the fields under the Eiffel Tower with a bottle of wine, and dinner. Enjoy the sounds of kids laughing as they run through the couples cuddling on their honeymoon. Tip the young boy playing the accordion while cracking jokes. Walk over to the food trucks and order a crepĂ© full of sweets. Take a quick tube ride over to the Palace of Versailles and fall in love with the landscape and decadent rooms. Take pictures (ALOT of pictures), you’ll miss these places the second you get back into the states. Act as if time doesn’t exist and sit at the restaurant across from The Eiffel Tower and people watch.

If you end up wanting something more fast-paced, head on over to London. Take a tube ride and get off at Picadilly Circus to visit Kensington Palace in hopes of seeing the Royals. Eat at every restaurant possible and don’t think twice about the carbs! Did I mention the shopping? Designer brands, hole in the wall stores, and markets all over London. Ask the locals where the best places are to shop because you’ll never find them unless you ask. So what if there’s no air conditioning? Soak it in, live in the now and enjoy everything life has to offer you.

Tip: If a local says a location is “a few blocks away” they’re lying. People in London walk EVERYWHERE. “A few blocks” really means 10 blocks or more and you most likely will end up getting lost. Take the art tour of London to see the hidden gems you never would’ve noticed. Have a clichĂ© tea time reservation at a high-end restaurant and enjoy every minute of it.

Don’t think about the money, book the flight to travel overseas. You won’t regret it.

(Send me a message if you have any questions about traveling in London or France. I spent 3 weeks this past summer traveling and site seeing all of London and Paris I could fit in with only 3 short weeks.)

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